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Things to remember when creating content for online lobbying

Among the most challenging moments of any politician is political lobbying. This is what determines your future as a politician or rather determines how fit you are to serve your people. Due to this, online lobbying has become the order of the day in the 21s century.

What is online lobbying?

Online lobbying is the use of digital marketing or social media platforms to engage and influence the decision of your target audience into buying your ideology. This is the type of political lobbying that is particularly carried out online with the target of drawing support from the members of these platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

However, when carrying out online lobbying, there are things you should know about creating content.

Things to remember when creating content for online lobbying.

  1. Post different materials on different platforms.

When creating content for online lobbying, you should always remember to create differentiate between social media platforms. There is a difference between how posts of each platform should look like. For instance, on Twitter, you can create content replying to a certain hashtag while on Instagram, you post should have a very clear picture of your campaign poster and some message while tagging various influential people on your campaign trail.

  1. Tailor content as per the target audience.

Remember, when doing online lobbying, you are targeting various groups of people on social media platforms. For example, on Twitter, there are so many prominent people. You, therefore, have to come up with content that proves your professionalism. The target audience here is your professionals who will judge your ability as per your posts.

On the other hand, if you are using Instagram, you are likely to meet the youth who will worry little about your ideologies but how engaging and involving your ideologies sound to them.

  1. Start discussions.

Never ignore the power of online discussions with your target audience. Reddit is among the best platforms with communities within which you can start discussions regarding your ideologies. Let people give their opinion, criticize your ideas and advice you.

This will help you get first-hand information on the things that matter a lot to your online lobbying efforts, instead of having to hire a team of consultants who might not give perfect information.

  1. Consider video content.

What is happening on your day to day political lobbying? This is what your target audience wants to know. Moreover, research has it that over 60% of social media users are likely to watch a video than read through a post. You should, therefore, consider uploading videos on your posts to let your prospective voters have a clear picture of the things on the ground. Upload videos of you on a rally, launching a project, addressing a group of youth, etc.

  1. Live video.

What of your target audience joining your live chat? If you are using Facebook or Instagram, you can easily start a live video and get to communicate to your target audience one on one and having the chance to answer their questions without necessarily having to wait for a debate.


Effective online lobbying is one that is based on the grounds of great content. Content that not only passes information but also wins followership for you. Remember the above things when creating content, and you will have nothing to worry about.

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