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Yacht and Ship-Oriented Businesses

Vanuatu yacht

Vanuatu yacht

Lots of people love to enjoy the seas, especially if they live in Vanuatu for any period of time during the year.  Just think of all the activities to take part in.  For many there is nothing like the relaxing life on the seas of Vanuatu.  But do you realize the money-making potential as well?  If you are the entrepreneurial type, there is all kinds of money to be made with a business here.  Like what?  Keep reading and we will tell you.

Transporting Yachts

One thing you can do if you own a fleet of large ships is transport yachts over the 83-island paradise known as Vanuatu.  This is important if the yacht owner should experience a vessel breakdown or has been barred from sailing unless certain repairs are made.  Obviously, at this point the owners cannot operate their yachts.  If you own large ships, you can be their savior.

Yacht Owners Can Charter Fishing Trips

The experience of fishing throughout Vanuatu is incredible.  If you own a fleet of yachts (or ships,) you can start a business booking fishing charter trips.  You can charge by the person or even offer special discounts for group bookings.  Many people would give anything to do this.  You can open your bookings to residents or tourists of Vanuatu all year round.

Charter Sight-Seeing Tours

Once again, this can be open to residents or tourists.  Perhaps they do not want to fish, maybe they only want to see the sights of Vanuatu.  With your yachts or ships, you can accommodate them.  You can hire some people to be your tour guides and others to pilot the vessels or to serve the guests.  If you see fit, you may even allow snorkeling or scuba diving to be done from your vessel.

What Can You Do If You Only Own One Large Ship?

A suggestion would be to open a floating restaurant.  You can serve fish and seafood and perhaps other foods that are native to Vanuatu islands or waters.  During this time of the pandemic, your ship would be large enough to safely social distance, while still permitting large numbers of guests.  Taking this a step further, you can sail throughout the seas amongst the different islands while people are dining.  This can be a truly unique experience for them.

Different Idea

Continuing with our one large ship theme, you can begin a ferryboat business that takes passengers and sometimes their vehicles from one island to another.  With 83 islands to travel to, you will be so successful you will be able to afford more ships.  You will never run out of passengers.  You can open your ferry to citizens as well as tourists of Vanuatu.

Trade Board Limited

This is just a starting point.  There are so many ways to earn money with a yacht or ship fleet.  One thing they all have in common is, your sea vessel must be registered in Vanuatu.  So where do you go for that?  We have just the place.  TOP Company Formation (TCF) is owned and operated by “Trade Board Limited”. Trade Board Limited is an authorized agent of the government of Vanuatu to process yachts and shipping vessels registration applications for clients from all over the world. Your application will be processed professionally and legally in short time.

Trade Board Limited also offers additional services, being a Vanuatu Financial Services Commission agent and holding a PR license from the said commission allows the company to form companies in 3 days for clients from all over the world. All services are done remotely with no need for physical presence. Trade Board limited also promote Vanuatu permanent residency program and is a sub-agent for Vanuatu Citizenship Program.  Contact them today!

Did you know Vanuatu has zero personal or business taxes?  This makes it the perfect location for an offshore company, a bank account, or even dual citizenship.  Discover the wonders of Vanuatu today at https://tradeboard.biz

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