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Achieving top search engine placement and traffic generation are main things that run over people’s minds when they develop plans to market their websites. All these can be achieved after landing on top search engine spot. The Online Publishers TOP platform is ready to help you achieve your goal and below are some tips to take you through.

Look for a catchy domain name.

This is what will call visitors to your website. The name you choose should be linked directly to the brand you market. The work of Google is checking on the domain name relevancy regularly to the website’s real purpose.

Ensure you use keywords appropriately

Keywords are essential elements to place you at the top of the search engine, just like a catchy domain name. For the keywords, you should not only choose keywords that have no much competition in search engines, i.e., you need the long-tailed ones for this purpose but also ensure they match your site’s content. Your keyword phrases should help you get a high amount of traffic as fast as possible.

Appropriate use of keywords is essential to lead you to get the required keyword density to the content you have posted for your site visitors. The best keyword range to place you at the top of the search engine should be of between 2% and 2.5%. This can be gotten by a simple computation of dividing the number of the used keywords in the written content over the number of words that the post you wrote has. To simplify this, ensure the keywords appear twice after every 100 words.

Make use of Meta tags.

Meta tags are of description tag type or the keywords tag type. The Meta tags are right at the web page document HTML. To achieve marketing goals, there is a secret to use in placing Meta tags. You should place your targeted phrases and keywords right on the web page’s HTML section of Meta tags.

content placement

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